Get a FREE Swamp Krewe CD from The Swamp Records


Get a Swamp Krewe CD from The Swamp Records

Get a free CD of heavy underground music from The Swamp Krewe!

Today's underground music scene is full of talented bands from around the world, and Fuzzy Cracklins and The Swamp Krewe want you to hear it! 

Do you dig Black Sabbath? Led Zeppelin? ZZ Top? Soundgarden? Kyuss? High On Fire? Maybe you've heard of the new names for today's music, such as Stoner Doom or Desert Rock? The bands from today are playing music inspired by the great bands of the 70s and 80s and 90s, and we want you to hear them!

To get your FREE CD (and some free digital music to stream and download), just send your shipping address to and I'll send it right off. No spam! And I won't share your email or address with anyone. 

Don't delay!! This offer is only while supplies last. (These are all exclusive and limited edition CDs.)

Don't want a CD in the mail? Just send an email to and I'll send you some digital album codes you can stream or download to your phone, computer, or wherever you play your digital music.

Check out the music & bands of the desert rock underground at

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