Updated January 5, 2021

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Pair of Koozies (green + purple, or 2 of the same color) ($7)

** FREE ** CROW BALLARD'S CD MIXTAPE "Enpsyclopedia Crowtanica volume 3" is FREE for CD of the Month members. Just ask and Fuzzy will drop it into next mailer. 

** NEW ** INFEROUS with an hour of Argentinean Heavy Psych Stoner Doom on CD

** NEW ** BLACKJACK MOUNTAIN heavy Southern rock on CD ** only a few copies left **

** NEW ** BLACK TAR SUPERSTAR stoner doom on CD ** only a few copies left **
** NEW ** ELECTRIC CULT doom metal on CD with a 2-sided poster
** NEW ** TAUBNERNAUT heavy psych on CD
** NEW ** LOOT THE BODY psych rock concept album on CD

THUNDER VOLT "Wanted Man" grunge rock on CD with an hour of music and a bonus track

CHAOS COLLECTIVE "Rituals In Sound" Underground compilation on CD

PARASITE CASTE "Arid & Archaic" doom punk CD new album with 11x17 poster by Dying Watan

BRETUS S/T horror doom on CD is the #1 release in The Swamp Krewe Re-Issue Series

PURESONIC OUTCASTS "Reflections On This Present Condition" stoner metal on CD with 2-sided poster

LUNAR SWAMP "UnderMudBlues" doom blues on CD

GREEN HOG "Dogs From Hell" stoner metal on CD

DOOMSDAY REJECTS "Volume 600" stoner doom on CD

WIZENED TREE "Rock n Roll in Tocantins" stoner rock on CD

GRAVE DISGRACE "Rest In Peace" classic doom on CD in a 6-panel jacket

CROW BALLARD "Folk Psych Adonis" psych rock on CD

THE SWAMP (2019) label sampler on CD

TAPES ----- 

** NEW **  GREEN HOG "Dogs From Hell" stoner metal on Tape

MERLOCK "that which speaks..." heavy psych on Tape with oversized sticker and button

BOG WIZARD "From The Mire" horror doom on Tape with 2-sided color poster + stat sheet. 60 minutes of music!

GRAVE DISGRACE "Rest In Peace" classic doom on Tape

DEATHGANG "An End to Ill Omens" stoner doom on Tape

VINYLS -----

DEAD PANDA "The Definitive Collection vol. 1" stoner punk on Black & White color 12" Vinyl or Classic Black 12" Vinyl

LUNAR SWAMP "UnderMudBlues" doom blues on Classic Black 12" Vinyl

GREEN HOG "Dogs From Hell" stoner metal on Toxic Green 12" Vinyl

COMING UP as a selection of the CD of the Month -- 

JANUARY -- WILLOW ASH "Hypnagogia" stoner metal on CD

FEBRUARY -- FUZZY CRACKLINS & PROFESSOR ELECTRIC "Lords of the Night" CD with 11 brand new songs from the bands of The Swamp with special guest VANTA.

MARCH -- VELJET "Viva el diablo (remaster)" instrumental stoner on CD


CIA HIPPIE MIND CONTROL "The Inharmonious Soul of Nature" extreme psych on CD in a 6-panel jacket

3 WHEELER BAND "Space Tribe" desert rock on CD

FUZZY CRACKLINS "Dead Demons" double album 3Demons and Deadman Dance on CD


DEAD PANDA S/T stoner punk on CD

OPIUM WARLOCK "Opium Sunrise" doom psych on CD

FUZZY CRACKLINS "Green Fuzz Ritual" 4/20 comp 2019 on CD

THE LANCASTERS S/T psych rock on CD

DOS BRUJOS metal jams double album on CD

FUZZY CRACKLINS "Scorched Earth" metal compilation on CD